Gift A Smile 2016-2017

Our Gift A Smile Charity Event is the highlight of our year at Hobble Creek Dental Care!  Our entire team looks forward to serving those in need around our community. 

This year many more people applied for this great service.  As our team sat down together and reviewed the applications our hearts went out to those in need.      

So on January 23, 2017 we again closed our doors to our regular patients and our two amazing doctors along with two of our talented hygienists donated their time and talents to clean and restore teeth.  In addition our entire team (Four dental assistants and 3 front office staff) worked all day without pay to serve our community.

Throughout the day we served nine different people and donated over $16,000.00 worth of dental services. 

We feel incredibly blessed as a team to come together and serve people in the community to give them something to smile about. Creating beautiful smiles is a trademark of Hobble Creek Dental Care and we are proud to say it was another successful year.