Dental Insurance – Questions Answered

At Hobble Creek Dental Care, we aim to provide the best services that we can, no matter your insurance coverage. Our #1 priority is You!
As a courtesy to all our patients, we will assist in processing any insurance claim.

Do you “take” my insurance?

The answer is probably! We are a Preferred Provider of the following insurance plans:

Aetna™ (PPO)




BEST Life & Health

Blue Cross® Blue Shield®


Cigna® (PPO)

Delta Dental®

Dental Select Platinum

Deseret Mutual Benefit Administrators (DMBA)

EMI Health™


Guardian Direct®



Lincoln Financial Group®


PEHP Health & Benefits


SelectHealth® (No Fundamental)


The Standard

TDA (PPO & Elite)

UniCare/WellPoint Health Network

United Concordia®



What is PPO?

PPO means Preferred Provider Organization. Our dentists work with insurance companies to accept a lowered fee for each service they perform. By signing this contract, the patient has lowered costs and the insurance companies refer the patient to the dentist who helps keep the costs low. As a result, when you receive treatment like a dental cleaning, fillings or a crown from one of our PPO Dentists, your insurance covers a greater portion of the cost than if you went to an out-of-network dentist. We are PPO providers of many insurance companies because we love serving our community and know that saving money is important.


Why aren’t you a PPO provider for all the insurances? I don’t see you as a provider on my list.

Unfortunately, most insurance companies aren’t thinking about what is best for the patient. They won’t cover the cost of quality materials and the time is takes for the dentist to perform quality work. At Hobble Creek Dental Care, we stand behind everything we do, and we guarantee our work. Quality materials is all we use. In order for us to offer that guarantee, we must maintain the highest standards.

Hobble Creek Dental Care does not take HMO insurance plans or Medicaid,PCH, or Chip Plans


Does my insurance company pay the dentist to sign up for my insurance plan?

No. Utah is a great place to grow up and raise a family, but unfortunately, the insurance companies receive the benefits of a PPO contract. Utah is one of the lowest reimbursement states in the US. We know you need to keep your dental costs down, and we know you have choices. That is why we choose to contract with dental insurances to provide you with the best dental care possible.

Taking care of our community is important. Our schoolteachers have one of the lowest paying dental plans in the state. However, we still are PPO contracted with their EMI Health insurance so that we can offer them the dental care they deserve.


Should I call and get my x-ray from my last dental office?

No. At Hobble Creek Dental Care, we are nuts about technology! We have special equipment in our office that can help identify even the smallest of issues. When you are a new patient at our office, you will receive a full set of x-rays that, sometimes, your insurance will not cover. That’s OK! We won’t even charge you. We want you to receive the very best dental care we can offer. Sometimes, that means we go the extra mile to make sure you get taken care of!

Our digital dental technology offers about 10% of the radiation of traditional bitewing x-rays. We care about your health.


Why do I have to pay for dental treatment when I have insurance?

Dental insurance is a great way to reduce your dental expenses. However, it is rare to find a dental insurance that will pay for all your dental work. Most insurance companies will cover a cleaning and checkup without any out-of-pocket expenses for the patient. From there, fillings, root canals, crowns, and most other dental treatments will have a patient co-pay. If you would like to know more about what your insurance will cover, call us at 801-489-4541. We would love to help!


What if I don’t have dental insurance? Can I still be a patient at your office

Of course! We understand that dental insurance is not right for everyone. We also know that some employers cannot offer dental insurance. With that in mind, we created our In-House Dental Plan. You can maintain your great dental hygiene and get two cleanings/checkups a year + save 25% off anything else that might come up. We offer great options! Click Here for more information.


What if I have two insurances? Can I choose which one I want to be the primary insurance

Unfortunately, no. In the United States, there is an insurance commission that dictates the rules about insurance. The general rule of thumb is called the “birthday rule”. When there are two insurances, the primary insurance is determined by whichever subscriber has the first birthday in the year.

Many other rules can dictate when an insurance becomes the primary or the secondary. Rules such as divorce and custody, longevity of insurance, and so forth. If you have questions about your insurance, call or text us at 801-489-4541. We would love to help you!


What If I still have questions?

Call us! We love working with our patients to help them understand all their dental insurance has to offer. We are here for you and we want to help. If we don’t know the answer, we will call your insurance company for you and find out. Call or text us today at 801-489-4541.

At Hobble Creek Dental Care, we are dedicated to providing an exceptional dental experience.

We can’t wait to meet you!

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