How Bonding Can Mend Your Smile
By Hobble Creek Dental Care
February 09, 2015
Category: Dental Procedures
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Do you have broken, chipped, or discolored teeth? Maybe you have a front tooth that's slightly misshapen and you've always wished it matched the rest. If so, cosmetic bonding may be an option to consider.

What is Cosmetic Bonding?

Cosmetic bonding is a relatively inexpensive cosmetic dentistry process that uses a tooth colored composite resin applied to the Bondingnatural tooth to change its shape. It can be used to add to a chipped tooth, reshape a tooth, or help restore a decayed tooth. The composite resin bonds to the tooth for a long-lasting, beautiful finish.

What is the Process?

Unlike dental veneers, which need to be constructed in a laboratory, dental bonding can be completed right in your dentist's office, often in as little as a half hour. The tooth that will be bonded needs to be cleaned and prepared for the bonding material. Once the tooth is ready, your dentist will paint the bonding material onto the tooth to create the desired shape and size. Then they will use a curing light to harden the layers and then shape the tooth to the desired form. Once it looks and feels right for your mouth, the tooth will be polished.

How Long Will it Last?

Cosmetic bonding can last for several years, though perhaps not as long as porcelain veneers. Bonding is subject to staining just the same as your normal teeth, so extra care should be taken to avoid red wine, coffee, smoking, and anything else that could stain your investment. You should always avoid using your teeth as a tool such as for opening packages or biting into hard objects. Chewing on your nails may even damage the bonding material. But with proper care, your bonded teeth could last a decade.

Cosmetic bonding can help mend the smile of adults, teenagers, and children alike. Hobble Creek Dental Care in Springville, Utah offers dental bonding in as little as one visit. To find out if dental bonding is right for you, schedule a consultation with your dentist today.